In 2017 we are happy to announce Art Around the World, an interactive live art and music showcase happening in various venues from Manning to Dufferin along Queen Street West. The theme is multiculturalism and the celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary through the eyes of a diverse artist roster. “What has your culture brought to Toronto?”  Pick up your passport at Trinity Bellwoods Park and start exploring! Make sure to stamp your passport at each venue and redeem to win an original piece of art!



The Devils Workshop
890 Queen St. West

Live Painter

Nadine Maher

“Most recently I’ve been compelled to paint arrangements of orange peels and other food refuse that have been left to dry. With bright contrasting colours and dynamic shapes the peels take on a life of their own, personifying a range of human emotion and experience in a humorous way.”


Sabrina Soares

Blending whip-fast verbal gymnastics with stuck-in-your-head pop riffs, Sabrina’s debut 2016 EP Plan A is a hooky, hip-swivelling nod to country, pop and the funky Brazilian rhythms that color her unique heritage. Born to Brazilian parents in Sydney, Australia, Sabrina grew up singing bossa nova with her dad before starting to write her own songs at age thirteen.


Craft Ontario
1106 Queen St. West

Live Painter

Emma Aurelia

“I am an emerging multimedia installation artist. With textiles at the forefront of my practice, I also incorporate sound, video and motors. I explore the way that these elements interact, transforming space and experience.”


Joseph MicHeal Taylor

This talented Vocalist, Guitarist and extremely prolific Songwriter is well known for both his humorous and sensitive original material, as well as for his almost preternatural ability to perform multiple musical styles with ease. His musical offerings include Rock, Pop, Folk, Jazz, Blues and even Opera!


The Theatre Centre
1115 Queen St. West

Live Painter

Wei Qi

WEI QI is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Her works have been exhibited in Canada, the United States, and Italy, and are in private collections in Canada. Currently, Qi’s work is primary figurative oil painting exploring narrative, femininity, tension, and memory.


Urban Gypsy

Urban-Gypsy of Toronto is an original music recording and music performance band. It is a fusion of Spanish, Chinese and Occidental Classical musical influences set in a Latin Rock environment. Unique and different, the band exists because the people in it want to work with each other.


Nadege Patisserie
780 Queen St. W

Live Painter

Roisin Cadieux

Cadieux is a multidisciplinary artist whose primary love is sculpture (and yummy food & Campari).   As a storyteller, lover of nature, literature,  craft and art,  she strives to create new languages which have emerged through the art of healing and is apparent in her various endeavours in sculpture and performance.

Live Painter

Jessica Scarlato

As a member of the Jeunes Ambassadeurs Lyriques As a member of the Jeunes Ambassadeurs Lyriques 2012, Jessica became a finalist in the Riccardo Zandonai international singing competition in Riva Del Garda, Italy. Most recently, Miss Scarlato placed first in the La Voix est Juste competition at the Festival d’Art de Montréal


1001 Queen St. West

Live Painter

Apoorva Varma

Born and brought up in New Delhi, India, she constantly draws inspiration from the life of colour and stories rooted in her heritage. Her work investigates the narrative behind creation of artwork and the different experiences it can create. She is fond of looking at inspiration through an abstract lens, translating ideas through different mediums such as textile or painting.


Sitar Fusion

Performing internationally with musicians from Blues, Jazz, African, Middle Eastern and Chinese genres, Anwar’s innovative collaborations create music transcending categorization!


Sud Forno
720 Queen St. W

Live Painter

Stefano Tirone

Stefano Tirone is a self-taught artist based in Toronto. He studied Graphic Design at George Brown College. He works in the mediums of ink, gouache, and paper mache. Stefano’s art is inspired by yoga, Rorschach inkblots, tattoos, textile design, geometry and symbols.  He is especially inspired by faces, faces that tell a story.  He will incorporate different symbols and patterns within the face of the subject in order to bring out a deeper meaning.  His goal is and has always been to use the arts and crafts for therapeutic purposes.


The Paper Place
887 Queen St. W

Live Painter

Phuong Nguyen

As an Asian American artist, Phuong is always interested in what it means to make art as an Asian American artist. Nguyen is interested in people and the complexities of identity through mostly representational painting. Her ongoing bodies of work explores the biography of “artifacts” associated with both the historic and contemporary identity of the Asian Canadian/American community.


Trinity Bellwoods Park
790 Queen Street West

Live Painter

Nathan Big Canoe


1094 Queen St. W

Live Painter

Chris Perez

The primary painting mediums he uses range from: acrylics, latex, ink, mixed media, and spray paint. His current work revolves around ideas of personal identity using abstracted imagery. Originally studying abstract expressionist painting, he has gradually moved toward more representative imagery. He still captures sensitive abstract brushwork with his style of paintings. Playing to his heritage and cultural identity he uses the flower as a framework to express himself. His studio is located at the Project Gallery Studios where he continues his practice.

Poland and
The Ukraine

Loaded Pierogi
839 Queen St. W

Live Painter

Ursula Bero

Ursula Bero is a Polish-Canadian visual artist who primarily works with acrylics, painting medium to large formats. Her most recent work draws inspiration from Polish traditional art forms and themes, such as the brightly coloured floral decorative Kurpiowskie cutouts. Traditional themes are built on to include other organic elements, particularly bees –  the artist’s passion. Through her artwork, Ursula explores the beauty of natural forms and hopes to elicit a greater appreciation of bees and nature.


Eskender Bekmambetov


The H Bar
859 Queen St. W

Live Painter

Teresa Ascencao

Teresa Ascencao is a mid-career multimedia artist who plays with folk and pop imagery to question issues related to gender, seduction, consumption, and class. She will be creating a live painting that resembles traditional Azorean women’s lacework. Teresa Ascencao was born to Azorean parents and immigrated to Canada at a young age. Ascencao’s work has been exhibited widely in Canada and internationally.


Nuno Cristo, Januario Araujo, Jennifer Bettencourt

As a musician, playing the Portuguese guitar seems only natural to Nuno since it represents a fundamental part of the audio track of his hometown, Lisbon. Januario is also an accomplished musician specializing in fado accompaniment. He has performed with national and international artists (Fadistas). Jennifer has been performing in cultural centres, at events, and special noites de fado over the past few years, and has had the privilege to open for such acclaimed artists such as Rodrigo Costa Félix, Marta Pereira da Costa, and Nathalie Pires.


Lisgar Park
44 Lisgar St.

Live Painter

Natasha Dichpan

Natasha is varied in every respect; the product of which is a celebration of colour and dynamic ideas splashed on equally diverse mediums and canvases. Russian-born, Israel-raised and Canadian transplanted; Natasha has informed her art through a combination of raw feeling and formal training. She creates through digital concept art, captures nuance on canvass, experiments with street art and live painting.  No matter the varied medium, her common denominator is that of beauty and passion. Natasha’s art calls to the more vulnerable, optimistic and romantic inner-chords so many of us have in common.


Carmen Cafe
922 Queen St. W

Live Painter

Juan M. Angel C.

Descending from hispanic roots, Juan Manuel Angel moved to Canada at a young age. He began to pursuit his interests in painting and photography. As a multidisciplinary artist, Juan has painted murals and has been published in internationally recognized online publications.


Carmen Romero

Carmen Romero is known to foster relationships with audiences, students and fellow colleagues through the art of flamenco.  As Artistic Director of Compañía Carmen Romero and the School of Flamenco Dance Arts based in Toronto, Canada, founded 1992, she has created a foundation for teaching flamenco as a language of expression giving participants the tools to train the mind body and soul to discover their personal best, be it for recreation or profession. As a performing artist Carmen Romero is known for her technical ability, performance craft and passion. Highlights of Carmen Romero’s career include coaching Latin Pop star “Shakira” in her 2010 Sale el Sol world tour.


Mogo Lounge
797 Queen St. W

Live Painter

Claire Browne

Claire Browne’s art practice focuses on the themes of self-identity and heritage. She is particularly interested in landscape and the deep connection that people have between land and self-identity. Her own family’s stories consist of travel, displacement and adapting to new lands and cultural spaces. Through painting the Caribbean island St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where her paternal family originates, Claire attempts to navigate the cultural spaces and stories of her childhood allowing for new narratives to appear.


Dieufaite Charles

Dieufaite Charles, formally known as Jahfaa, is a lead singer, songwriter and guitarist. His music style reflects a mix of Haitian roots, and African rhythm which he calls “The African Soul”. Dieufaite’s music is moving and enchanting that causes you to dance, laugh, cry, and learn. He leaves you with a desire for not only more music, but also for a better understanding of this world.


Toronto Blues Society
910 Queen St. W

Live Painter

Emily Bright Barkas

“Every image, word, and section of an artwork tells the part of a much larger story. I’m discovering that my art is a place where many facets of everyday life collide (the beautiful, adventurous, mundane, absurd, and fun moments), to create a refreshing and eclectic visual experience. Life is beautiful. So I try to embrace it and let it all in!”


Bad Luck Woman & Her Misfortunes

Toronto based blues/R&B band, reviving some obscure and forgotten tunes by sassy ladies of the 50s and 60s, such as Big Maybelle, Little Sylvia, Dolly Cooper, Carmen Taylor, and Ella Johnson, as well keeping alive classics by Ray Charles and Etta James. Their dynamic stage presence and ruthless energy keeps the dance floor swingin’.

Catriona Sturton

Sings like an angel, plays like a beast.  Rock and roll lover of Heavenly and the heaviest blues. After learning to file harmonica reeds in a back alley, Catriona toured Canada as the bassist for Halifax teen-rockers, Plumtree (who inspired the cult-favourite book and movie, Scott Pilgrim, with their song of the same name).

United Kingdom

Cutler and Gross
758 Queen St. W

Live Painter

Emily Grace Harrison

Born on Vancouver Island, Emily Grace Harrison’s raucous paintings are built on a self-imposed system where she challenges painting’s long preference for the masterpiece. Harrison studied political geography and lived in both Latin America and Eastern Canada before moving to Toronto and graduating from OCAD University’s Drawing and Painting program. She is the 2017 recipient of the Bonnie McComb Kreye Studio Residency and the Patricia Joy Alpert Award for emerging artists.

This event has been financially assisted by the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund a program of the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, administered by the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund Corporation.