Artist Statement:

My fascination with architecture has always been evident in my art. I find my inspiration right here in Ontario as well as during my trips to Europe and North America.  My work tends to focus on traditional architectural landmarks, the precious monuments of our past however the new architecture that composes the contemporary cities into very dramatic and always in motion urban landscapes fascinates me with its unpredictability.  Lately I have been interweaving the old with more and more of the new, concentrating on the dynamics of the relationship between yesterday and today.

My medium of choice has for ever been pen and ink and watercolour – that is until recently when I decided to give acrylics another try. The need to experiment propelled me to explore other mediums and experience different challenges.  These days it is the spontaneity of acrylics that fascinates me every time I approach the new canvas.  The endless array of available tools, possibility of creating rich textures and achieving bright and luminous colours fuelled a totally new route for my creative outlet. What seems like random, improvised washes at first, comes together to form an urban landscape that is full of energy and light.  I do not concentrate on the detail the way I used to. In this a very intuitive process I am very open to happy accidents as my goal is to express the mood of the scene rather than focus on the detail.

Media Category:

Painting – Acrylic