Artist Statement:

Resident Artist for Canada’s new national stock exchange: NEO Exchange.

I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Trinidad, attended the University of Western Ontario and enjoyed a decade long career in the oil and gas industry as a Geophysicist. Now residing in Toronto, I’m fulfilling my passion as a full time artist. I work out of my studio at Walnut Studios and I’m also registered with Vibe Arts for Children and Youth as a volunteer for their art programs and events.

I’ve found the centre ground between my passion and my career, ART and SCIENCE. I’ve always been excited by the possibilities of art and believe that creativity is the very essence of our growth as an individual. I see the canvas as a medium for translating my ideas and passion into something others find interesting and engaging. Through my work, I hope to impart knowledge, open minds, challenge thinking and enhance ideas.

Abstract art is about thinking outside the box, seeing many solutions to a situation with each brush stroke, creative idea or colour addition. Most of my work is abstract, I push my ideas and I love being non-conventional. My work has been described as ‘modern whilst capturing fluidity and movement’.

I aim to create art that’s original, vibrant, informative, and cool. It aims to make a statement, have lots of class and a bit of attitude. I’ve got loads of ideas, connecting the vibrancy of my Caribbean upbringing with the structure of my career in science through the story lines of my canvas. The enjoyment of putting my passion onto canvas by capturing everyday concepts is so exciting and I hope you’ll be part of my journey.

Media Category:

Painting – Oil