Artist Statement:

As an artist I want to meld and intersect the spiritual with the landscape we live in; to incorporate faith and its impact on art by illumination and light-filled canvases.  My inspiration is from the Canadian Group of Seven, particularly Lawren Harris’ middle period and his desire to enlighten, uplift and edify.  Art is a way for the soul to reach out and touch the immortal; to catch a fleeting glimpse of God.

My subject is the ever changing Canadian landscape and the striving of the soul to make sense of the world.  My medium and materials are; a gessoed canvas, a loaded brush, a keyed up colour pallette, and applying the paint while watching and waiting.  Art is a form of communication for me; communication between heaven and earth.

“Art is the beginning of vision into the realm of eternal life.”  Lawren Harris

Media Category:

Painting – Acrylic