Artist Statement:

My work blends paper with ink, pencil and watercolour to create images that allow glimpses of life experience as they are imagined rather than lived. By using play as a central focus, I work using a phenomenological approach to allow the works to, in a sense, create themselves. This allows my pieces to emerge in the moment, with more honesty and, hopefully, less censorship. Through collage, I can create reflections on my life from a subconscious place that includes not only my struggles, challenges, joys and hopes, but also the implications of the political and social climate in which I live by using media which reflects our world documented. More recent works, in the series Sea and Me, have focused on my journey into motherhood and the dichotomy on both the emotional and physical plain; having always had a strong desire to have children, but having also lived a life of both high anxiety and chronic physical pain. Love, amazement, and joy meet fear, doubt and, at times, debilitation.

Media Category:

Mixed Media