Artist Statement:

Although my professional career path has not had me always focusing on my art, through Anthropology and Museum studies I have always been engaged with past and current art from around the globe. My “formal” training that has influenced my work greatly was working in the cultural sector creating artifact reproductions. My work included molding and casting, painting, sculpture, and metalwork utilizing a variety of techniques and mediums; which has always also been common for my personal practice.

Experimentation, trying new materials and techniques have always been one of my biggest inspirations and lead to pieces that are often open to interpretation. I enjoy creating a piece that provokes the imagination, I love hearing what people see in my paintings and how they interpret the random textures and lines. My paintings are inspired by my emotions and my environment – both physical and spiritual.

My sculptures also incorporate many different materials, mediums, and objects. I often incorporate found or re-purposed materials and more recently enjoy creating functional pieces that house living plants. My latest sculptures, as well as a line of jewelry also embrace new technologies: 3D scanning and printing. My sculptures explore the relationship between technology, society, and nature.

Media Category:

Mixed Media