Artist Statement:

ASIRI’S Treasures started making organic clothing in 2009 . It is run by Daisy Ojeda and Dora Burga ( daisy’s mom ) who is a qualified seamstress . We import our textiles from Peru and have taken great care and consideration in hand picking the growers for this organic cotton fabrics . We spend about two months in Peru every year to shop for our textiles . We are always searching for ideas and for new designs . We get some great ideas from making alterations to some ethnic designs we collect during our trips and get great results from the changes we do people just love it . Our product is unique some handmade by us like the cotton clothing and others like the winter accesories is fair trade from Peru . Our product is also unique and Eco – friendly . We would be really happy to be part of this year’s show and we are really excited to bring all our new designs .
Daisy ojeda and Dora Burga

Media Category:

Other – Textiles -clothing