Artist Statement:

At the age of seven, I began my artistic studies with my grandfather, who engaged in Paper-cutting work throughout his life. Proud of this heritage, I spent much time systematically studying Paper-cutting technique and theory. Throughout more than 30 years of continual practice, I have developed cutting techniques to achieve new forms of artistic expression.

Paper-cutting works carved with an assortment of specialty knives from one sheet of fine rice paper (usually several layers at once) can express complicated and elegant patterns, and I must put greatest concentration into the work, since precision is paramount. Paper-cutting works serve not only as decoration but also as good-luck charms.

My works reveal a great strength and power of imagination, and record a world of Chinese indigenous cultures and philosophies. The subject matter includes not only countryside scenes, also auspicious subjects, legends and operatic characters.

In the aspect of handling representation skills, I take antitheses to deal with overall arrangement of every Paper-cutting work, including black and white, scanty and dense, arc and straight, big and small, dynamic and quiescent. Furthermore, with exceptional carving and dyeing skills, I can create smooth, hair-thin, lifelike and detailed works that display powerful vitality, offering people access to the utmost form of arts.

I exhibited my works in the juried art exhibitions throughout U.S.A. and Canada, and have received numerous awards and honors for my paper-cutting artwork.

Media Category:

Mixed Media