Artist Statement:

I’ve been intrigued by photography ever since I was a child and discovered my Mother’s second hand Kodak Brownie. That chunky little box with all the buttons and dials fascinated me. I’d roam the neighbourhood looking at life through the glass lens, snapping away on the grey, plastic shutter release. There was never any film, but that didn’t stop me from imagining the amazing pictures I’d taken.

As I grew older, I continued to explore my artistic side through work on stage and television. My camera however, was never far away. While my photos continued to improve, there was always the idea that I could take them further than just an image on glossy paper.

Like an actor discovers the many shades and levels of a character, I began adding brush strokes, textures and colour to the scenes I’d captured. The computer screen was my canvas and the mouse, my paintbrush.

Thus the birth of “Photomorphosis”!

All of my pieces began as photographs of people, places and things that stirred my imagination for one reason or another. As long as I continue to grow as a photographer, discovering and experimenting with new techniques, I’ll endeavour to take each piece to another artistic level.

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