Artist Statement:

As a painter, I am interested in exploring the interplay of colour, light, shape and movement on canvas.  I have been influenced by a range of Canadian and European painters, particularly the Group of Seven, the French Impressionists and most recently, Norval Morriseau.  Through my landscape paintings, I convey my love of the world’s natural beauty while expressing my belief in the innate spirituality of nature, which invigorates and nurtures all of creation. It is this spirit which causes a painting to ‘sing’ or ‘dance’ as a gift to the eyes of the viewer.  Painting inspires my own spirituality and consciousness to interconnect and to express this encounter in new and varied ways on canvas. My hope is that my paintings will communicate to viewers an invitation to enter into their own spirituality and to assign meaning to that experience.

In my latest series of landscapes, I am exploring the relationships between colour, light and shape by abstracting these elements and interpreting them on canvas.  My goal is to simplify the details of a complex visual display and to express the colours, shapes and movement with simple, repeated shapes, inviting the viewer to move from one idea to another.

Media Category:

Painting – Acrylic