Artist Statement:

Motivated by 5 years of experience painting large format paintings (murals) on garage doors for the Kenwood Lane Art Initiative and the positive feedback from it, Elly extends the idea of painting garage doors to painting on plywood.

Coincidentally, she is also a co-owner of a small, and growing, gardening business. The two worlds of art and gardening merge as images from nature are painted on plywood (or reclaimed wood) using exterior house paint. The paintings are intended to add to gardens and general outdoor back yard decor. They can be hung on a deck, trellis or brick wall. Light, wind, moisture, summer and winter temperatures eventually change the colours over time.

The grain, small holes, knots and defects from reclaimed wood planks as well as plywood add a valuable texture to the paintings. The outdoor elements also have an essential hand in subtly changing the paintings over time.

To see over 30 garage murals from the Kenwood Lane Art initiative and to read the story behind their creation, go

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Kenwood Lane Art Initiative

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