Artist Statement:

Art has always been an incredibly important part of my life. It’s the reflection of what I see and feel. As a visual person, art is my way of expressing my innermost perspective.

I have been painting since I was a child. I have also been drawn to photography for a long time, and I started to get serious about it a number of years ago. I am interested in Nature and Wildlife Photography, and have been immersing myself in this for a number of years, and have started to show and sell my photography as well as my painting.

I have found a way to merge these two very different styles, two passions, through my recent foray into Encaustic Painting; the art of painting with hot wax and pigment. I use my photographs as the catalyst for how my painting will emerge from the surface of my work. My pieces are part of a whole, not defined by the subject, but rather the feeling of the work. I want the viewer to have their own idea of what the painting is about, what my works evoke in them.

Media Category:

Mixed Media