Artist Statement:

I am a self-taught Canadian artist and have been painting for most of my life. Living in the middle of our country between the Great lakes in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario is the inspiration of my art. The landscape of this area is as diverse as the people who live here. From the sand shoreline or rugged edges of the great lakes to the Agawa Mountains this is a wild and majestic land. With the 4 seasons changing the landscape I cannot help but to be entranced with nature itself. Living in Northern Ontario gives me the opportunity to see nature in its most raw form, from its hidden lakes and rivers marshes and streams it invokes me to share my vision of this land with you. Painting the North shore of lake Supiorer and within the Agawa Mountains in acrylics or oils I embrace the opportunity to find new and exciting landscapes to paint, and will continue to share my changing vision with you.

Media Category:

Other – Painting