Artist Statement:

“Creativity is the power to reject the past, to change the status quo, and to seek new potential.” Ai Weiwei

Viewing life along a spectrum makes more sense than trying to make it fit into arbitrary categories. This viewpoint carries over into my art. I enjoy working with simple materials and found objects. I look for beauty in nature and reflect that back in my art.I like the idea that by incorporating a rotting piece of wood, I have managed, even if only temporarily, to delay it’s return to the earth. Working with wood, stone and clay connects me to the artistic expression of people since the beginning of time. It is a very profound feeling. Art that speaks to social responsibility and challenges convention is important to me. I have visited galleries and museums around the world and continue to be inspired by all the art and beauty that surrounds me. I hope to continue to channel my creativity and to create and inspire for as long as I am able.

Media Category:

Mixed Media