Artist Statement:

My acrylic paintings are my way of fusing my personal interests with my education and past professional experiences. I studied at OCAD with the intent of working in fashion as an illustrator. I never became a fashion illustrator, but my fine art is influenced by that desire, and strongly shapes the content of my work.

Portraits usually focus on the face and body. My portraits are rooted firmly in my love of men’s fashion. Usually these “fashion portraits” are cropped so that the focus isn’t always on the subjects’ faces but on the clothing or shoes. However, more recently my work has been exploring cultural appropriation, forced assimilation, Black male sexuality and identity. This exploration of “Black dandies” has moved me into the more traditional methodology of portraiture. The idea of the fusion of cultures where one culture is marginalized in order to be accepted is a poignant battle that still continues. How we dress influences how people perceive us, and our identities are often revealed in the details.

Media Category:

Painting – Acrylic