Artist Statement:

A journey that began five years ago has led me to where I find myself today. I began to take a photographic image each day and share it on the web through Polaroid Blipfoto . I had no idea that five years later I would find my present artistic direction from this staring point.

I was originally trained in printmaking and over the years have been involved in a number of mediums, within the framework of 2D and 3D design.

My art work attempts to make a connection between the vibrant urban energy of Toronto with it’s people, places and iconic symbols.The images play with the juxtaposition of abstraction and urbanity, with a realistic undertone.

All the photographs used within my pieces are original images taken by me. The design process begins with the capturing of the image, using a digital camera. The images are then imported into a digital darkroom and further altered to add to the richness of the scene. The photos are then applied to a wooden painting panel and additional design elements are added to increase the vibrancy of the city, it’s energy and iconic aspects. Finally resin is applied to the surface.

Many of my images and photographic compositions can be found on Flickr. Presently my works are available at Art Interiors  and Home Smith in Toronto.

Media Category:

Mixed Media