Artist Statement:

The trivial moments of my personal life are captured and I painted in series of simple stories.
Relationships, people, places, events,…
that are smeared in our lives, and that are permeated into our hearts,
are the candid life subjects, seem so insignificant, yet so close to our hearts.

Time flows uninterrupted.
It seems that there’re so much that are gone by unnoticed in the speedy flow of time in our modern society.
Whether they are meaningful or not,
so much of our moments are simply buried in time.
The buried moments are recreated by colours and brush strokes mixed with sensitivity; and they are finally recalled on canvas.

The past moments newly embodied in canvas are not expressed merely in past tense.
They can be where our souls are left at,
where our souls are directed to,
or where our souls will need to head to.

Media Category:

Painting – Oil