Artist Statement:

For as long as I remember I have always found glass mesmerizing. I love all the different style you can give glass, from modern to retro, from subdued to bold from being practical or simply decorative, glass is a wonderful medium to create unique home décor accent and jewellery.

I started fusing glass 3 years ago. My studio now includes several kilns and cold working equipment. After cutting sheets of glass and adding glass stringers or noodles or even glass frits and powder to make it more interesting, I fire the piece to about 1500 degrees Fahrenheit where the glass melts and becomes one piece. Once cool enough to touch I then proceed with cold working before firing it one last time.

Dynamic colour selection, innovative design and fashion sensibilities make my creations perfectly unique and affordable jewellery to suit any style – from t-shirt and jeans to the designer couture. I continually draw my inspiration from décor and fashion magazines to create the perfect accent pieces for the glass lover.

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