Artist Bio:

Born in Scotland, I have been an artist all my life. I loved doing pictures on my big BlackBoard and enjoyed “illustrating” the best poems in my big brother’s school books. In high school, I specialized in Art and had two water colours sent to a show in France. In 1948 we came to Canada, and I attended art school until I began working, doing Window Display at Birks, where it was a perfect learning experience, because it was a small department, and I was able to do everything from “scratch” and use my creativity and imagination. When we moved to King City, I took up pottery as well, and became very proficient at it, winning many awards with it, and had a very nice business, selling my work across Canada. In 1970, I started teaching art to seniors and childrens in schools. I also made some muralys in clay with my students, ultimately becoming artist in school for six years. Life was great, and I eventually moved my classes to my home. Around this time I began “painting in the round”, finding it a very satisfying experience. I also prepare all my canvases myself. At the 11th annual Toronto Art Exhibition, I won an award for best in show. I love art and my children, and will continue to paint for the rest of my life.

Artist Statement:

The earth, sun, moon and planets are all round. So why not paintings? And they don’t need framing!

Media Category:

Mixed Media