Artist Statement:

Hailing from Paris, France, I currently reside in Hamilton, where I have created a niche for myself as a successful artist and active member of the arts in the community. I’ve spent 15 years working in the television and film industry in various positions and continue to do freelance work quite a bit in that field. Currently I work full time as a freelance graphic artist and illustrator, offering design and illustration solutions for a myriad of awesome and fun clients, including many different magazine and online publications, as well as running a local art collective that meets once a month to share some insights, techniques, and inspiration. I am also a Production Manager for Misfit Island Studios, based in Hamilton, working on developing a TV pilot for major networks. I also work as an event photographer in the nightclub industry, which is a bit of a hobby of mine for well over 15 years now.

I’m inspired by graphic design, typography, surrealism, pop art, tattoo design, comedy, and elements of the world that surrounds us. I like to remix popular elements and flip them on themselves to create something humorous and delightful. I work mostly in pen and ink and then wonderful splashes of watercolour – but lately I have been venturing into sketching in graphite and digitally painting with textures to create a sense of photorealism to often unrealistic subject matter. Living in an unforgiving world, I like to bring levity and whimsy to my pieces. I have a great deal of fun with puns quite often, which are reflected in some of my cheekier pieces, such as my “Foodie Flash” series, where I like to play around with my favourite foods.

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