Artist Statement:

Kal Mansur is a visual artist specializing in acrylic glass construction. His work manipulates available light. Internal elements appear to shift, depending on one’s viewpoint. For the eye there is no place of rest, and the viewer must contend with the dis-ease of obstruction. The translucent surface both conceals and reveals space behind the picture plane, an oscillation between two and three dimensions.

After 20 years as a painter, it occurred to Mansur that light and color are mediums in and of themselves. He began using colored acrylic glass and developed a process of cutting, gluing, sanding, and buffing to alter their levels of translucency and reflectiveness. The material imbues color with volume and as light moves through the work, colored shadows are created. For him, the ability to control and “conduct” how light interacts with surfaces is an ongoing attempt to create a visual braille, that is, a language by which color, light, and composition can be felt and not merely observed.

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