Artist Statement:

I am currently a studio artist working as beadKRap. I have created my whole life, was raised by creators and was taught by creators at university and college. I create handmade lampwork (torchwork) glass beads to be used in my jewelry.

I attended York University, Ryerson (at the time Polytechnic Institute) and George Brown College. Coursework focused on colour and material development, fashion design and accounting. A primarily self-taught lampwork artist, my creations reflect my experience with fiber.

All my larger beads are made by me, by hand. They are lampwork, where soda-lime (soft) glass is melted in the heat of a torch and wound around a steel mandrel. All my beads are kiln-annealed for durability. Most of my silver and copper findings are handmade by me, or acquired. I am inspired by textile designs – interiors and fashion.

As humans, we have a long history of adorning ourselves with pretty things – things we find in nature and things we make ourselves – in an effort to create something of personal significance. Glass, with all its intricacies, is a challenging medium with unlimited potential for self-expression. This is what drives me to explore, to experiment, to do more and learn more. My creative energy can be shared with another person through my beads and jewelry – an important and profound connection tying me to the people who buy, wear, collect and appreciate my work.

Media Category:

Jewellery / Accessories