Artist Statement:

My work explores ways of seeing and interpreting the natural world through the intersection of photography and painting. This convergence is a natural outgrowth of my early training as painter and more than twenty years as a landscape designer and photographer.

I go beyond the photographic capture to experience and re-envision the world as a synthesis of what I see and what the camera records, exploring different perspectives that mix painterly qualities with photographic realism. My edited photographs are strikingly different from the original image captured by the camera. By working with tone, saturation and illumination levels, by digitally painting at the pixel level and adding rich textures and brush strokes to the overall image, my work explores the many levels of reality that I experience in the natural world. My affinity with the visual beauty of nature—of flowers, trees, insects, animals and landscapes, the luscious and sensuous colours, shapes and textures, the complex ways in which it all interacts—provides me with an infinite source of inspiration.

By creating a synthesis of expressionistic painting and photographic realism, I am exploring my own creativity to go beyond the act of looking, into the realm of feeling in order to illuminate a more emotional nature of reality.

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” ~ Alfred Stieglitz

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