Artist Statement:

Lorie Slater is a self-taught photographer and photo based artist living locally in Toronto. Photography has always been a big part of her life, but late in 2012 she said goodbye to the music industry she had spent so many years in and decided to spend time chasing her passion of photography.

Her biggest inspiration is the city in which she lives… Toronto.

“It’s very rare that I take my camera out and don’t come back with something… this is such a great city… there is always something interesting around every corner.”

Her work is generally presented in one of 2 ways… photos mounted on wood panels and covered in resin or printed directly onto metal sheets. She uses each photo 25 times, making small and large versions as well as some matted prints… after the 25 (+ 1 artist copy) has been reached, the image is retired. Her work can be viewed at The Arts Market in Leslieville, at one of the many shows she does throughout the city or by contacting her directly.

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