Artist Statement:

Starting as a landscape photographer I moved to painting to overcome the limitation of the camera and to create more personal images. The subjects of my paintings are trees, grass, water and sand. As a landscape painter I try to do most of my work on location. I love nature and painting outside gives me the joy that is hard to experience when painting in the studio. I call myself a colourist. I am inspired by sun lit scenes with vibrant colours and I try to pass on this excitement to my viewers.  I have found that I get the best results when I use the pure pigment of soft pastels or paint with a palette knife in oils. Both techniques allow me to keep my colours clean and bright. I think I am extremely lucky that through my paintings I can talk to complete strangers about the things that I love and this conversation is not affected by language barriers, time or location.

Media Category:

Other – Painting pastels and oils