Artist Statement:

I feel that cycles – beginnings, growth and relationships in the world – are important to both discover and share. I am constantly wondering where things came from, what is within them and what they will become. As a child, I would hug a tree and try to see right inside of the trunk – eyes closed, visualizing the roots and sensing the flex and sway in the wind. My art reflects this abiding curiosity, which I can pursue and share with others by drawing out connections seen with the mind’s eye.

My everyday world is filtered through eyes which are marked by a condition known as antimetropia – where one eye is nearsighted and the other farsighted. This physical trait allows me to see images which are out of conscious awareness for most people. These images drive my curiosity to understand what I see, where things begin and end. I try to capture these images using imagination and surreal landscapes in my art.

I try to express personality and emotion in the relationships between my subjects, using subtle lines and fine details. Wonder, alongside witnessing and whimsy, are core values in my work. I remain that fascinated child. Sometimes, I just have fun.

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