Artist Statement:

The arts have always been part of my life, and painting as a practice has always been present in my everyday life. I believe in traditional skills: drawing, composition, use of colours. Techniques are vital, like knowing the language.

My work combines vibrant colour and detail in the creation of cityscapes and landscapes, my favourite themes. It has primarily been based on observation. I paint year round, in and around the Toronto area. I love hustle and bustle of busy city. I love buildings, city markets, churches and nature.

In composing a piece, I think of the subject as the setting for a drama of light and shadow play. I’m drawn to scenes that have strong light/dark elements or that have intricate patterns. I am especially fascinated by how illumination lends an aura of significance to objects, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. I want to freeze those moments when we catch a glimpse of something breathtaking and preserve that feeling on canvas. Art has allowed me the opportunity to express and share my personal vision of the world that, to me, is both aesthetically beautiful and personally meaningful. I truly enjoy the process of creating.

To me painting has a life; a life of its own. Each painting has a personality, character; it talks, it breathes, narrates a story. I truly enjoy being part of this creation.

Media Category:

Painting – Acrylic