Artist Statement:

Micheline Roi’s first love was classical music. When, after 20 years, writing symphonies no longer distracted Micheline from the call of design and the joy of working with her hands, she enrolled in George Brown College’s part-time program for jewellery design. The skills picked up in GBC’s program along with years spent in the museums and fashion districts of Montreal, New York, San Francisco and Toronto, informs her bold, colourful, and contemporary statement jewellery.

Ms. Roi’s production work appears under the label atelier J contemporary jewelry, which she founded in 2015. Ms. Roi has designed and developed several distinctive lines of bold, original jewellery that can be purchased in boutiques, in exhibition, and online.

In addition to production pieces, Micheline’s practice includes more experimental work that explores the idea of personal adornment as communication. The act of choosing a piece of jewellery is an intimate expression between the artist and the wearer and in turn the wearer and the observer. Is the wearer the intermediary of the message or does the piece carry inherent meaning? My work focuses on the way in which line, form, and colour inform the connections and gaps in communication.

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