Artist Statement:

It had been a long time since having the luxury of time and space to explore and experiment with materials and ideas to push concepts further.  Being a resident amongst 9 other international artists helped me realize my own boundaries, limits, and processes of working through a thought or inspiration.  Instead of painting, I collaborated with a few of the other artists to create pieces with sound, video performance, and sculpture.  These were experimental, as I wanted to explore how to start the creative process with a thought rather than an image.

With the documentation and drawings I have brought back from this experience, I want to create larger paintings on both canvas and wood.  By combining abstract backgrounds with figures that may or may not be totally realistic, I want to examine the moments of new encounters or of internal conflict during my trip, and represent the raw emotions through exploration of materials on a flat surface.  Found objects, image transfers, mark making utensils, and wax are some materials I will be incorporating into the works, as these relate to the inspiration I had in Barcelona upon encountering old farm tools on a wall of an old wine cellar in town.

I will be completing many smaller paintings for QWAC this year, to get as much feedback and dialogue about the current works as possible.

Media Category:

Painting – Acrylic