Artist Statement:

Much of Jones’ work is representative of his own life’s journey. His current Series, for example, depicts its subjects hiding behind masks. Pretending to be someone they are not while longingly searching for something more. Jones explains, “For many years while I toiled away in the corporate world spending countless hours on planes and in boardroom meetings furthering my career, I felt I was venturing further and further away from who I truly was and who I was meant to be.” Jones explains that the masks in this series represent our ‘social’ selves, the people we pretend to be for the benefit of others. While the balloons represent our ‘essential selves’ or rather who we really are deep down inside within our hearts. The balloons remind us of our hopes and desires and can be seen floating just out of reach. The swirls sometimes seen above the subjects’ heads, Jones explains, are the stories we tell ourselves that prevent us from reaching our true hearts’ desires. Jones seeks to portray an element of hope within his work, the subjects typically may be seen gazing into the distance, on the move and questing for a brighter, more fulfilling tomorrow.

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