Artist Statement:

My newest body of work, “Raining Cows”, expresses the inspiration I get from rain, colour – and my love of cows. I use rain as a filter to distort and create different levels of abstraction. The cows are graphic, however, my work is painted on layers to the feeling of rain. One can actually see the layers and splashes of rain, creating a 3D like floating effect. “Raining Cows” represents one’s imagination of something that is not real. However, one is taken to a happy place while looking at these floating creatures.

The colours, the clouds, the rain and the graphic application all come together to create a happy and calming effect. This is the same feeling that music gives to so many people, only “Raining Cows” does this visually. In these stressful and turbulent times, I want “Raining Cows” to make people happy and to make them smile.

Media Category:

Mixed Media