Artist Statement:

Running dialogues we carry within ourselves are the beginning of identity. Floating bits of thought which collide with our image of “self” shape and define us. It is through our negotiation of internal and external conflicts that we formulate our personal self-image and discover our place in the world.

My art aims to connect to the unconscious narratives we have running in the back of our heads, and therefore is automatic and compulsive in nature and by necessity. A work is complete when it has achieved a dynamic emotional balance between imagery, colour, and texture. Text and imagery create a static moment, like a snapshot of the flow of consciousness. The formal elements of the work and the mind’s internal voice mesh. The flip and overlap of the imagery mirror my own process of sorting through both conscious and subliminal information. A finished image exploring a theme may not contain clear answers, but at its best it reaches out and forms personal connections in the viewer.

I am an artist living and working in Toronto. I completed my B.F.A at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario, and my M.F.A. degree at Concordia University in Montreal. I lived in Tokyo where I became familiar with Japanese printmaking techniques through my contact with the internationally famous Adachi Institute and its print studio. The Adachi Institute is one of the last true Japanese Hanga print shops. It has worked with many international artists, such as Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Yayoi Kusama. Although my association with the studio was not formal, the kind and generous Nakayama family shared countless opportunities for me to broaden my love and understanding of Japanese printmaking practices.

Although my formal training is in printmaking, my work for the past ten years has been in low-relief carving and most recently in acrylic painting. I push the flat quality of the 2D surface, twisting the surface space inside-out through the use of colour, texture, and form. I like to explore the literal and illusory depth of the picture plane. When I work with a flat surface I feel a strong compulsion to fill it up.

My imagery is a fusion of Pop and Street Art. The works are layered with meticulous patterns and vibrant colour. The subject matter often deals with issues of identity. I look at how life challenges, mold and shape who we are. Each work is a free flowing exploration of a subject or theme with special focus on the impact to the individual.

Media Category:

Painting – Acrylic