Artist Statement:

I don’t recall ever being without a camera, from my earliest Instamatic to today’s upgraded choice it’s always on hand, ready to capture a moment. I am moved, inspired and energized with what I see around me and am always hopeful that I can react quickly enough to freeze that moment before it passes into oblivion.

Looking up, around a corner or at the other side of the street reveals something that perhaps wasn’t there yesterday and is ripe for the picking .. or in my case, the capturing with my trusty sidekick, the camera. With that perspective, each day becomes an adventure and is ripe with the possibility of discovering something not seen the day before. While i am formally trained and work as a hairstylist and makeup artist, it all began with my love for the visual arts, painting, drawing , sculpting and sketching . Hair and makeup have allowed me to translate that passion onto human canvas. My education and training taught me to refine my “eye” in terms of balance, composition, colour, line and overall esthetic to what is visually pleasing. The face, hair and body as living, breathing works of art. I took that training and applied it to how I take photographs, it gave me the freedom to think outside the box when combining photography with mixed media. There are no rules, only possibilities to be discovered!

I chose to call my venture “Eye Spied-Images by Nicole ” because the images I capture are literally what I have spied in my daily travels. The photographs I take become my starting point or canvas. Adding mixed media techniques such as bleach, overlays, acrylic paint charcoal, gold/silver leaf to name a few allows me to take it one step further with my own artistic impression. While my photographs are numbered, each is a custom piece applying these techniques by hand means that no two will be an exact duplicate of the one before or after. Choosing to gallery mount and resin coat them is what brings them to life. The resin coating reveals so much depth and dimension within the photograph …it is as though the image dances in front of you.!

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