Artist Statement:

I express my passions in life through painting. My impressions come from people I meet, places I go, and subjects I desire. My visions are established through textures and colour. My preference is to paint on the floor rather then with an easel, and use my hands more often then a brush. This way I feel I can get closer to the wood or canvas using various mediums.

A piece isn’t completed until I’m absolutely in love with it, which brings me to the creation of “Scarves by Nikki”.
Many pieces are illustrated with attractive colours and mediums. Now being a big fan of colours and wearing scarves it only made sense to tie my passion to my favourite thing to wear. Each scarf materializes from once of my pieces, I take my painting and mirror the image and have it printed on a silk fabric blend. Once the fabric has been printed it is hand sewn using a triple stitch with blue thread around each edge of the material. After that process is completed each scarf is washed, steamed, and beautifully packaged.

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