Artist Statement:

okku design offers handmade, environmentally conscious paper and textile goods. Eco-friendly,100% biodegradable, plantable, seeded cards and gift tags are handmade using 100% post-consumer paper, which is re-pulped and embedded with live wildflower seeds and handmade into plantable paper, that when planted, composts away leaving only wildflowers and no waste! Technically, a treeless generation of cards. Other paper goods include a variety of different styles of handmade and decorative books made with beautiful Chiyogami, Tibetan, Florentine…. papers. One of a kind hand dyed scarves using 100% natural indigo dye in the ancient traditional Japanese shibori dyeing technique of color-resist dyeing. It can involve intricate folds, stitches, clamping and also using stones, wood and other elements, which yield one-of-a-kind designs and patterns. Traditionally an indigo dye bath is used to create shibori techniques. The indigo vat is like a living creature – no two vats being quite the same. All the scarves are hand-dyed in small batches using water-based natural indigo dyes. Because of the inevitable variables, (in the folding, stitching, nature of that particular ‘vat’, length of immersion etc), no two pieces will be the same.

Media Category:

Ohter – craft – paper goods/hand dyed scarves