Artist Statement:

As an artist, I have always dreaded Artists Statements. My professors and colleagues dismissed my reluctance to write an Artist Statement as insecurity. I, on the other hand, have always believed that if there is to be any dialogue, it should be between the viewer and my work. Art is a visual medium, and I would prefer for the viewer to make his or her own interpretation of my art, rather than to influence them with a bunch of jargon.

I will however, say this:

My work is greatly inspired by nature, however, it is not meant to represent anything tangible or philosophical. Rather, my work seeks to be a visual manifestation of a feeling, a mood. It is meant to rouse a sentiment in you.

I create my pieces by mixing pigments and dyes into resin. By using multiple layers of resin, I create depth and dimension in my work that cannot be achieved with other mediums.

Ultimately, my work is not about what I am thinking of when I am creating my work. It is about what the viewer feels upon viewing my work.

Media Category:

Mixed Media