Artist Statement:

Simon’s inspirations are a cross between cultural and physical environmental experiences from years of living and travelling in different countries and places. Sometimes they are reflections on fascination and love of nature, or transformations of inner landscapes in mind. Other times they are reconciliations from memories or nostalgia for the past. However, there is no attempt for any narrative nor implication for a particular scene. Rather these works are emotional and intellectual expressions.

After years of experimenting and practicing with mixed media which is a combination of acrylic, inked collage elements on canvas and paper, Simon has developed and versed his vocabulary through his methods and techniques. “Double Painting Process” named by the artist, is actually a three-stage creative activity of painting -selection – painting which he has been using to produce his work. First he uses a gestural method to prepare collage work usually on rice paper as well as to paint foundation of canvas. Then he selects and shapes collage elements to attach them onto canvas as a departure or focal point of composition. From there, something wonderful starts to emerge and resonates with him to continue. This process provides him dynamics to enrich and enhance painting in terms of layers, textures and structures of compositions, allows him to have more control for final results and perhaps opportunities to encounter new discoveries. The artist thinks that painting is a process in balancing between feeling and thinking, improvising and contemplating, action and meditation. The process of multilateral brain and body activities is transformed into these abstract visual spaces with the elements of movement and tranquility, density and vastness, joy and peace which are connected to nature and our inner world.

Media Category:

Painting – Acrylic