Artist Statement:

Digitally enhancing original pencil on paper drawings, I blur the lines between technology and craft. Taking what’s on paper into the digital sphere and then back into paper, my goal is to intrigue the viewer as to what is done by hand and what has been digitally manipulated. In a world where computers and technology have forever transformed our lives, where the boundary between virtual and reality becomes ever so slim, I research the impact that computer based tools have in my work as well as the reverse – the importance of craft in a world running on technology.

This limited edition series of giclée prints, entitled [art + save] = life, is an equation for a better world. It’s divided (or connected) into three areas: animals, humans and earth. In it, I explore the world of endangered species, human rights and the nurturing of our beautiful planet earth – nature, environment and all its diversity. Our ecosystem is interconnected and the destruction of one affects all others.

Ten per cent from every limited edition fine art print sale will be donated to organizations around the world in support of their tireless efforts toward these causes.

Media Category:

Printmaking (Original Prints)