Artist Statement:

Majority of my images are of common items from uncommon angles, capturing glimpses of life that are often missed or ignored.  Predominantly of my work is black and white in nature, usually with heavy contrasting light, shadow and textures.  I thrive in seeking creative images from ordinary subject matters, making them extra-ordinary.  It is enthralling and encouraging seeing how people associate or resonate with my images.

Photography has been, and is, a channel for me to achieve mindfulness, a way to appreciate and capture life for what it is in an un-staged, un-rehearsed manner.  It is a channel for me to capture “now”.

Aside from being a fine art photographer, I am also a full time caregiver to my demented mother.  It is through care giving that I then realize the power of photography.  How a demented mind associates or interprets images intrigues me, especially when lost memories are triggered and then recalled with passion.  Like seeing an image of an old harvester could evoke some childhood wartime memories; an image of a historical place in Canada could provoke the lost youthful dreams in the Far East; and how an image of reflections steals the attention away from being in the present.  It is consoling to see when a demented mind recalls long lost memories but painful to witness when it is unable to recognize familiar faces or images.  Such cold comfort teaches me to be patience, motivates me to create, and allows me to appreciate life.

Most of my images are either light-jet printed on archival grade photo paper or inkjet printed on photo paper, available in prints or in art cards formats.

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