Artist Statement:

MiCO is a new independently run small art textiles business. It is owned by two artists who started to collaborate in graduate school. MiCO concentrates on unique one-of-a-kind linens and items either made from upcycled materials or fabric they have designed themselves. Larger items include quilts made from 75% upcycled carefully selected cotton and blankets from 100% upcycled and carefully selected wool. The designs for these are improvisational, modern and challenge the norms in textile production. We produce items that are unique – with influence from our respective art careers, and by stressing recycling, quality and items that will last a lifetime. We understand that a lot of people are no longer interested in purchasing items and supporting large companies and factories that underpay workers and output cheap throw-away products. We are passionate about being able to use our creativity in our business and to produce top quality products. We will run a studio that maintains traditional practices such as quilting and weaving and mix it with contemporary design and sensibility.

Media Category:

Other – Textiles