Artist Statement:

I am in love with the colours of the natural world. I paints landscapes, still-life and richly coloured floral. I have been experimenting with different artistic styles and mediums for years.

Right now, I draw most of my inspiration from what I observe in the neighbourhood which is nestled in the suburbs of Toronto.

In my neighbourhood there have farmland. The creatures are walking around the corner of the farms.

The Dogs always are my neighbour friends and kids.

The acrylic paint is perfect for painting on canvas. It is fast drying and allows me to paint one layer over another without waiting.

I am not only gain inspiration from the beauty in the world around me and have continued to change and grow throughout the process.

I express my inner self in a different ways.

Art making is a process and a style of living that it has always had a strong presence in my life and has become ingrained….

I create art because the art itself brings me happiness and fulfillment and sharing that happiness with others…

Media Category:

Painting – Acrylic