Artist Statement:

Sustai Ulanbaagen is a Printmaker, Illustrator and painter. He graduated from Sheridan college in 2013 with a Bachelor of Applied Art degree in Illustration. He was a former math student in university back home, when he found his true passion in art he dropped out school and came to Canada to fulfill his art dream.

Sustai has a Mongolian background, it can be easily found in his art.He is telling his own story rather than just simply showing the superficial side of this culture. he grows up in a multicultural environment. He also strongly influenced by Western Masterpieces, Japanese manga, literatures, mythologies…. All these gives him a very unique perspective to look at things. He has a Japanese craftsman spirt, his hard working allow him to achieve the perfection in techniques, which give his art a serious look, but at the same time there is lots of humour in his art because he is also a joker. He participated in numerous shows since 2012, which including One of a kind show, TOAE, Art walk north, Project gallery…. And been featured by Booooooom, Creative Quarterly, Applied Art Magazine….

Media Category:

Printmaking (Original Prints)