Artist Statement:

This series explores a magical view of the world. It aims to honour elements that are often discarded and undervalued and shine a light on their beauty.

This journey began when a dear friend passed away. During this time, I stumbled across a series of photographs of dead, dried flowers. I felt a deep connection to them; they were still beautiful to me. I saw their death and Carl’s as one and the same. I chose to use real flowers as a medium for exploring death, specifically the relationship between matter and spirit and what continues on.

The process begins with collecting flowers, picking or buying them. Recently, friends who know of my work have brought me their own flowers and these offerings have become a part of the process. I use the pigments from the defunct flowers to create an under-painting. This unique under-painting informs and inspires the colours, images and layers of detail that I draw and paint over-top, using graphite and acrylic paints. In the end, I hope to show that the sheer beauty of the flowers continues, though changed, beyond their death. unexpected.

Media Category:

Mixed Media