Artist Statement:

After a trip to California in 2012, I was inspired by the natural appeal of the leather and stone beaded wrap bracelets I found along the boardwalk.   The prices for these handmade pieces were very expensive and I sought after their designs in Canada when I returned.  Unable to find comparable bracelets that had the same natural, made of genuine leather and stone beads,  I made a trip to the local craft store, and began experimenting with my own designs.

Both friends and family quickly recognized the bracelets and were also drawn to their beauty.  After making a few, I quickly realized the reason for the high price I had seen in California.  Each bracelet is hand crafted and made with genuine leather and natural stone beads sourced from all over the world.  In just a few short years I have moved from making bracelets in her living room and teaching high school full-time, to designing full seasonal collections and overseeing the entire production process of Da Costa, the brand originally chosen because of my family’s namesake.  I have chosen to pursue my passion full-time and walked away from teaching to focus on improving the Da Costa business.

Today, Da Costa is a thriving business.  From attending the local farmer’s market, travelling to large summer festivals including Windsor’s Art in the Park, Muskoka Arts and Crafts Show, Kempenfest, and even opening a store in one of London’s busiest shopping malls at Christmas season.   Many successes have been reached, and now that Da Costa is my full-time pursuit, I would love to enter the whole new realm of Professional Crafts shows such as yours.

Media Category:

Jewellery / Accessories