Artist Statement:

I started my own company Studio Tiny Loft in 2014.

I am focusing on “sophisticated grown-up girls” -the market of 40+ ladies who are looking for the product made specifically for them- bolder, edgier jewelry with a focus on quality and durability.

My clients are fabulous bold girls, who like modern visually dramatic jewelry to showcase their own personality.

I try my hand in different styles, work with different materials and create several groups of edgy, sculptural pieces. which are eye catching and can transform the ordinary outfit into something outstanding.

My jewelry could be divided by the styles as- Leather Jewelry, Horn Jewelry, Geometric Brass Jewelry, Paleolithic Jewelry, Whimsy Forged Copper Jewelry.What joins them into one collection- they are chunky contemporary no-bling statement pieces made with the materials of highest quality.

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