Artist Statement:

Originally from Saskatchewan and now residing in Montreal, Canada, I am an illustrator and a self-taught screenprinter. Since 2004 I have run a small scale silkscreen print studio. Photography, illustration, collage, stencil and letterpress have all found their way into my screenprinted works. I have exhibited my works in public and private spaces across Canada.

My creative practice is improvisational and process-based, whereby I print identical images – illustrations, textures and organic forms – many times within a given piece. This process allows me to work with these images meditatively and automatically; a composition emerges as layers are added to one another, revealing the dynamics between transparency and light. My pieces are built by exposing the control and precision of illustration to the unpredictability and chance inherent to the printmaking process.

Trained in the fields of landscape architecture and urban planning, I am acutely aware of how construction – with regard to both structure and meaning – informs my work. These landscapes and cityscapes embody both serenity and instability, resulting in a dreamlike tension from which subjective narratives can be born. Working from a base of imagery culled internally – from memory, dreams, past experience – and externally – from my immediate surroundings – I create pieces that consciously allow for open interpretation and multiple perspectives. They reflect a search for meaning in unfamiliar places.

Media Category:

Printmaking (Original Prints)