Artist Statement:

In a world saturated with imagery, Toni Darling Frank found an interesting and peculiar infatuation with the woodland she grew up in at a very young age. Since childhood, she has been influenced by time-old traditions and techniques taught to her by her loving grandparents.  Native culture surrounds her homeland, where she grew up with an open mind, and an introduction to the existence of other cultures.

As she grew older, opportunities to leave school and travel flooded her life. Toni Darling Frank undertook Europe with her grandparents, learning an abundance about her ancestry and meeting relatives that she had previously only heard stories about. Shortly after that, she travelled the North American country of Mexico, and later the South American country of Colombia, where she was given the chance to work side-by-side with up-and-coming musicians, crafters, artisans, photographers, and writers.  From these experiences, she has become even more transfixed by the differences between cultures and lifestyles, and how the environment that surrounds us affects us relentlessly. The stresses that life can harvest between cultures can be an awakening experience, and in Toni Darling Frank’s case, unfolding.

Toni Darling Frank is a prolific young artist and crafter, creating works through personal growth. Her practice extends to a multitude of mediums that include ceramic, leather, wood, fibre, metals, and plastics. She is highly skilled in techniques such as ceramic sculpting, jewelry making, weaving, silk-screening, embroidery, painting, illustrating, and machine sewing. Her wide and versatile realm of hand-made creations include small ceramic dishes, large coil pots, small ceramic beads, assembled and hand-woven necklaces, handmade earrings, bracelets and anklets, boot jewellery, wearable pins, and silk-screened accessories.

Her aesthetically refined work has a serious approach, introducing a vast range of  thoughtful and intellectual ideas that express her concern with the exchange of information within different cultures, female sexuality, escaping the concrete jungle as well as embracing it and interacting with it.  She draws inspiration from various sources like fashion, street art, different cultures, magazines, music, performance, the environment, and traveling. Her work is dark and textured, but is not in-your-face nor aggressive. It is intricate, delicate, highly stylized, and affordable. Her intention is to put ideas out there in a framework that inspires peace and acceptance through beauty and respect to one another and to our land.

Preoccupation with eradicating the old is something Toni Darling Frank is conscious of in this modern world. She is driven by a sincere desire to create, to keep old techniques alive by re-inventing them, and believes in the possibilities of her work outgrowing her own intentions. She has the hope of inspiring others, bringing cultures together, and having her work look straight at the viewer to tell her story in silence.

Media Category:

Jewellery / Accessories