Artist Statement:

Vladimir Katavitski was born in 1958 in Belorussia. He came to Canada in 2006 and currently lives and works in North York, Ontario, Canada.

When Vladimir came to Canada he was impressed by Canadian culture, tenderness and kindness of people living here. He was amazed by Canada’s nature, architecture, inner beauty of Canadians and started to express his feelings, thoughts and energy through drawing on the canvases in colours and shapes.

Vladimir hasn’t studied art techniques in his life, he is entirely self-taught and always wanted to try painting on canvases, he just gets inspired and starts to draw. He tries to make each new painting better than the one before. He paints primarily in acrylic, creating the impression of depth, distance and texture by using paint, layer upon layer by combining different shapes and volumes. Right now Vladimir Katavitski is working on creating of paintings in 3 D technique

Media Category:

Painting – Acrylic