Artist Statement:

After working in computer animation for over a decade, I yearned for something tactile & tangible. I started painting in oils in 2012, focusing in on still life painting. Working with inanimate objects I was interested in capturing a hidden life or character in these common everyday items. Currently I am exploring themes of human expression and experience in my oil paintings. In 2016 I’ve narrowed my focus to how we interact with objects, our tactile relationships between our hands & objects we encounter. These days, we spend so much of our time experiencing virtual moments though our hand-held devices that the very same moments we spend in reality become second-place. We are inadvertently missing out on tangible experiences, such as enjoying a cup of coffee in front of us versus looking at a photo of coffee on social media. I employ a loose realistic style, with focus on specific details. I love to work with lighting & value to create mood & atmosphere.

Media Category:

Painting – Oil